10′ 5″ Tender with 48″ Beam Rowboat

The Spindrift Tender Rowboat has generous freeboard which makes her a very safe and dry rowboat with its 48″ beam and full keel. She is an easy rowboat to row and tracks well on the water. This Spindrift Tender Rowboat is designed as a cargo carrier and is a small scale version of the elegant 14′ Spindrift Whitehall Rowboat.

The Tender Rowboat is beamier than the other custom built 10’5″ dinghy I have for sale, but is still a stable cargo carrier. The deeper in the water the Tender Rowboat sits, the more stable she becomes yet she keeps her ease with the oars. She will carry four easily so long as properly trimmed as with any boat.

On the Tender Rowboat, there is generous sealed flotation in the bow and stern with hatch covers for storage and inspection. The wood on the rowboat is mahogany for the seats, gunwales, transom and bow plate. The gunwales are riveted together with copper nails and roves and all woodwork is sealed in varnish for added strength.  The Tender Rowboat will take a motor if desired and I recommend 2 HP. The rowboat’s oars should be 7.5′ or 8′ and the lapstrake hull is a 7 plank design. The stern is 2’5″ wide and she has a beautiful wine glass transom.


Tender rowboat


  • 150lbs in weight
  • Heights from the keel at the stem are: 28″, amidships: 22″, stern: 26″

Click images below to view 10′ 5″ Tender with 32″ beam